The Growth of Online Gambling Services has been rapid over the years. In the year 1998, the First Online Bingo and Online Poker Sites were launched. Now, online players can take advantage from thousands of poker tables in high definition 3D, with real money or without. In just a short span of time, the worldwide revenue from online gaming has been estimated at more than $30 billion, out of over 1000 different websites. This huge growth has led to many issues in terms of regulation, and has put the online gaming industry under scrutiny.

A major issue that has been a cause for concern is the growth of bots, which are automated programs that play and bet on the games, without the knowledge and consent of real players. Bots are often associated with online casinos that claim to pay out regularly, but the only way to know if a site is using this type of software or not is to log into the online casino. In most cases, it will give you a message saying that you cannot play the game due to a detected bot. Most reputable gambling sites and software providers will inform players about the presence of bots, and ask them to leave the site, or play at another casino that uses fair play betting.

Another growing issue is the growth of illegitimate sites that allow users to wager large amounts of money without doing any real gambling. Several states have taken action against these sites, such as in California where the state attorney generals office filed a suit against a number of online gambling websites, claiming that the sites were providing illegal gambling, sports betting, and lottery tickets. As a result of this action, it is now illegal to operate sports betting websites in California, and it is also illegal to transfer money to an account that you do not actually have. These and other issues have forced the closure of several legitimate online gambling and sports betting sites, but there are a number of new ones that have been launched recently, which hopefully will avoid this kind of issue.

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